Inner Control™ Golf with Kevin Walsh and John J. Gnap, M.D. is your complete listening program to mastering the mental side of golf.  Inner Control™ Golf works for anyone regardless of your ability.  When your thoughts interfere with your concentration on the course, Inner Control™ Golf teaches you how to focus on the here and now by reducing distracting thoughts, relaxing your entire body and imagining the shots you desire.  Two tracks come with this program, Eyes Open and Eyes Closed.  Eyes Open can be used anywhere.  It's brief and reinforces simple, mind-calming techniques.  Eyes Closed is more thorough and involves a deeper concentration of energy to improve your focus of attention.  The Eyes Closed version is wonderfully relaxing and you may even fall asleep.  That's okay.  Your brain is still recording.  Both versions of Inner Control™ Golf are equally important to your success.  And like practice, the more you listen, the better the results.

With Just Listen and Play Better Golf, you'll be able to:

  • Master the mental and side of the game
  • Minimize distracting and negative thoughts
  • Reduce tension and stress
  • Improve your focus of attention
  • Reach a better internal balance
  • Feel better mentally and physically

About Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh is a golfer's golfer who plays for the love of the game, sharing his knowledge with others.  Although he has dabbled with the thought of turning pro, Kevin's busy schedule as a sports anchor and reporter for Comcast SportsNet New England and NECN takes precedence.  Kevin Walsh is also the author of two published books, "The Marrow in Me," and "Follow the Dog Home."  Watch him on the golf course and you'll see a tremendous physical talent with an undeniable peace and comfort about him. Kevin's handicap is below scratch.  He has been using the techniques that he developed with Dr. Gnap for Inner Control™ Golf since 1990.

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