Introduction to Inner Control

Inner Control started out as a therapeutic program in 1969 and has evolved into a self help program over the years.  Developed by Dr. John Gnap, Inner Control helps people lose weight, sleep better, quit smoking, reduce stress and is used in the treatment of all chronic medical, behavioral, emotional, performance and learning problems.  Dr. Gnap offers in office customized treatment sessions for individuals, couples and families.  Five Self help audio downloads are also available for purchase and self practice.


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Self Help - Purchase Audio Downloads


For the 70 million Americans who struggle to get a good night's sleep, relief begins by simply listening.

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For the 95 million Americans who suffer from stress, relief begins by simply listening.

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Good Morning

For the millions of Americans who want to get a better start on their day.

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Inner Control™ Golf with Kevin Walsh and John J. Gnap, M.D. is your complete listening program to mastering the mental side of golf.  Inner Control™ Golf works for anyone regardless of your ability.  When your thoughts interfere with your concentration on the course, Inner Control™ Golf teaches you how to focus on the her...

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Just listen and play better tennis.

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